Friday, January 28, 2011

Meaning-ful or less Job

Job. Each adult person should have a proper job to earn money in order to fulfill all the basic needs of human (e.g foods, home, clothes etc). Yeah, they should have a proper one but nowadays we seldom hear about adults earn money from easy ways. 

Easy way : Stealing, conning, "ragut", pyramid scheme, etc.

Work! Work! Work!
I have a huge respects for adults who endures hardship for the sake of earning halal income (working at fast food restaurant, pasar malam, farm, contractor, etc,,)

But how about a job which earn massive amount of money but not really useful.

Again, useful in my context is a non-critical job which means if the job doesn't exist people can still live as normal without any hiccups. 

A food for thought: a superstar footballers in UK earn a massive salary as high as  £ 180,000 per week which means they can buy a new Mercedes every week. Whereas a nurse in UK earn roughly around £ 250 per week.  

But which is more important, a nurse or a footballer? I leave that obvious question for you guys to contemplate and answer. 

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Anonymous said...

That's how our economy works. It's based on scarcity of resources. A really good footballer is rare, even though less important, they will be rewarded more, compared to a nurse.